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Get to Know Us

ONF is a real estate-focused firm that provides a comprehensive range of services and investments to support the success of CRE projects. We excel in orchestrating CRE transactions. Comprising a cadre of seasoned experts and leveraging an extensive nexus of industry alliances, the fund is instrumental in ensuring successful executions within the ever-evolving CRE sphere.


Onyx Norse Fund is a prominent financial institution that specializes in arranging and acquiring CRE deals. With a team of experienced professionals and a vast network of industry connections, the fund plays a crucial role in facilitating successful transactions within the CRE market. Our expertise lies in identifying lucrative investment opportunities, conducting thorough due diligence, and structuring deals that align with the financial goals and objectives of our clients. Whether it's acquiring or selling commercial properties, securing financing, or negotiating favorable terms, Onyx Norse Fund ensures that all aspects of the CRE deals are meticulously handled.

Our Relationships

Onyx Norse Fund has strengthened our network through collaborations and dedication, connecting with key industry figures like capital raisers, lenders, operations experts, and general contractors. Equity raisers provide us with insightful investment prospects, while lenders offer the financial backing necessary for our projects. Operations specialists help refine investment efficiency, and contractors ensure project success within budget and time constraints. Committed to excellence, our network's shared expertise allows us to identify lucrative investments, minimize risks, and achieve outstanding outcomes for our clients.

Our Approach

Onyx Norse Fund's success stems from its deep understanding of the CRE market and agile adaptation to its shifting landscape. By vigilantly tracking trends, scrutinizing data, and capitalizing on their vast knowledge, they make savvy investment choices. Our solid connections with industry professionals also provide us an advantage in acquiring top deals for our clients.

Our key service is securing debt for projects, guiding clients in funding acquisition and partnering with specialized operators to maximize property value. We also link developers to general partners, leveraging our network to foster partnerships advantageous for all. We manage all necessary real estate documentation, ensuring legality and order. Additionally, we excel in equity raising, tapping into our industry connections to attract investors and secure project equity.

Our Clients

Each client's needs are unique, each of our solutions are bespoke. ONF is a trusted partner for real estate professionals, investors, and developers seeking exceptional results. With our wide range of services, industry expertise, and dedication to excellence, we are well-positioned to contribute to the success of any real estate project.

Meet Our CEO

Get to know who is representing you. 

Nathaniel Norman

CEO | Managing Partner

Nathaniel is the CEO and Managing Partner of Onyx Norse Fund. He has a background in Business Development, Financial Services, and M&A Advisory. While pursuing a degree in International Business at NYU, he began his business development and financial career in the tech start-up space.


After graduation, as a Business Development Contractor, Nathaniel acquired clients for Quotient Technologies and assisted in acquiring $12 million in seed funding for KoraPay.


Nathaniel's primary responsibilities as CEO include developing new client relations and strengthening existing company relations at the firm. Currently, Nathaniel manages service provision and opportunity origination within the Energy, Real Estate, Cannabis, and Tech sectors. 

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