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Strategic Approach 

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Step 1 | Consultation

At ONF, we take a comprehensive approach to understanding your company, project, or business situation. We tailor our questions and services to each client, ensuring we provide you the best possible service. If we believe our service criteria matches your company's needs and you're willing to sign an contractual agreement to obtain our services, we will proceed to the next step.


Step 2 | Due Dilligence

After completing Step 1, ONF engages in a brief due diligence period to ensure the best possible outcome for your company. Once due diligence is completed, we provide you a one-page strategy that delivers a timeline of our expectations and the services we will provide you.  Depending on how expeditiously we receive the necessary business documents to complete Step 2, this process takes approximately 5-7 business days.


Step 3 |Execution

Following Step 2, our team seeks parties uniquely tailored to your opportunity's particular needs. Our contacts have years of experience within their respective sectors, and we work diligently to cultivate these relationships to ensure smooth transactions and personal engagement.


Step 4 | Close & Follow-Up

Step 4 renders the closing of our services and acquirement of the sought resources to client projects or businesses. This process involves the term sheet being signed and negotiations being concluded to the client's satisfaction. A follow up will occur to ensure follow through by associates or parties as per agreed upon terms. 

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