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Onyx Norse Fund

Client Criteria 

At Onyx Norse Fund, we specialize in creating solutions for companies that are looking to evolve or transform. While our services may not be the best fit for every company, we do our best to be clear and accommodating with our criteria.

Business Team

Company Criteria 

For Principals Only:
  1. Must send all required documentation to proceed with services.
  2. All Principals must be present on the introductory meeting and our consultants must have full cooperation of all parties.
For Third Parties Only:
  1. Must have all required documentation, including proof of your representation of the principal and their company.
  2. Principals must provide their contact information to confirm their knowledge of a working relationship with ONF. Alternatively, you can choose to have them present during the introductory meeting.

Financial Criteria 

ONF services client companies who meet the following:
Minimum EBITDA: $5 Million
Minimum Revenue: $ 20 Million

ONF services Commercial Real Estate transactions which meet the following:
Value: $15 Million or more
Minimum Cap Rate: 4%
Distressed Property: Contact for more info
Laptop and Paperwork
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