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Onyx Norse Fund

Deal Sponsorship

Leveraging our comprehensive industry knowledge and exclusive network, Onyx Norse Fund effectively identifies, designs, and coordinates value-enhanced and strategic CRE projects catering to General Partners as well as deal sponsors. Our pronounced expertise is reflected in services that encompass origination, underwriting, debt service preparation, renovation estimations, and selections of operating partners.

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Onyx Norse Fund, being a highly specialized party, works in collaboration with other General Partners to execute specific value-add and development projects.
The fund operates with the objective of maximizing returns on investments by strategically identifying opportunities in the market. By partnering with other General Partners, Onyx Norse Fund can utilize its expertise and resources effectively to drive growth and create value in the targeted projects.
Onyx Norse Fund's collaboration with other General Partners plays a crucial role by the following;
  • Leverage the collective knowledge and experience of General Partners in investment management
  • Access a wider network and diverse range of investment opportunities
  • Pool financial resources, skills, and expertise for optimal project execution
  • Diversify investment portfolio across different industries and sectors
  • Mitigate risks and capitalize on potential market upswings

Sourcing & Origination

For projects that fall outside the scope of ONF's target criteria as a Deal Sponsor, we are still able to provide valuable assistance through our Sourcing & Origination services.

In these cases, ONF acts as a reliable partner to specialized General Partners (GPs) who are pursuing ventures that may not align with ONF's preferred investment strategy. This support enables GPs to access a broader range of projects that may otherwise be missed, while benefiting from ONF's strategic insight and due diligence in the process. Collaborative approaches benefit both ONF and specialized GPs, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership that expands the potential for successful investments in diverse markets.

By leveraging its extensive network and expertise in the industry, ONF's Sourcing & Origination services facilitate the following; 
  • Access our industry expertise and proprietary network to find the best CRE projects for your portfolio
  • Save time and resources with our turnkey solutions for deal origination, underwriting, and arranging financing
  • Benefit from our specialized operating partners for unique opportunistic and value-add projects
  • Increase your chances of success with our comprehensive services that cover all aspects of sourcing and origination 
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