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Direct Investments

ONF understands the importance of strategic investments and takes a calculated approach to investing their resources. We prioritize sectors and industries where we see growth and potential for success. By participating in direct investments, ONF can have a more proactive role in shaping the outcome of investments.

Urban Graffiti

Mixed Use

ONF's interest in mixed-use property is a key component of our strategic "bar bell" model. This approach stems from our belief that a diversified portfolio is essential for sustainable growth and financial stability. By incorporating mixed-use properties into our investment strategy, we not only diversify our risk, but also tap into the robust potential offered by such properties


ONF's interest in hospitality property is part of our "bar bell" model, which aims to diversify our investment portfolio and mitigate risk. By including hospitality properties in our holdings, we are able to capture the potential for growth and profitability that this sector offers. The hospitality industry is known for its resilience and ability to adapt to changing market dynamics. It provides an avenue for steady cash flow and long-term value appreciation.

Luxury Hotel
Stylish Restaurant

Stand Alone Commercial Space

ONF has a strategic interest in acquiring and investing in stand-alone commercial properties as part of our innovative "bar bell" model. This model aims to enhance and diversify our portfolio by creatively strengthening it. We recognize the significance of commercial properties that prioritize and enhance the overall customer experience. In today's fast-paced world, convenience and essentiality are key factors that contribute to customer satisfaction. Therefore, we prioritize investing in commercial properties that offer convenience and essential services to the customers. By doing so, we not only ensure a positive experience for our customers but also create a robust and lucrative investment opportunity for ONF

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